On the 24th of November 2023, the South African Farmers Development Association (SAFDA) hosted its Annual Farmers Awards, a remarkable event that not only celebrates outstanding farmers but also expresses gratitude to external partners for their vital contributions to SAFDA’s objectives. The evening was a showcase of elegance, with attendees donning black-tie attire and ladies adorned in stylish black dresses. Nominees, SAFDA staff, management, CEC members, government officials, and stakeholders gathered in a collective celebration of excellence in the agricultural sector. SAFDA’s Annual Farmers Awards is an annual tradition, serving two pivotal purposes. Firstly, it aims to recognize and reward farmers for their hard work, innovation, and dedication. By doing so, SAFDA strives to cultivate a culture of continuous improvement, motivating farmers to uphold high standards and inspiring others to adopt sustainable farming practices.

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As part of its main functions, SAFDA offers economic research and business advisory services, grower training and development, lobbying and advocacy for policies thereby ensuring the sustainability of all its members.

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