About The South African Farmers Development Association (SAFDA)

SAFDA operates in a Three-in-one model which comprises of the following: 

The Political Organization – is an association that organises and represent farmers through representatives elected in various levels.

The Developmental Organization – employs professionals and specialists who provides support services to ensure sustainability within the organisation.

The Business Organization -this arm of organisation comprises of two subsidiary entities wholly owned by SAFDA and established with an intention to provide Farming Services that will assist in reducing the costs of farming for our members.

  1. Farm Management PTY LTD; and 
  2. SAFDA Fertilizer PTY LTD  

The Grower Structure

The SAFDA Grower structure is set out in the SAFDA constitution and includes representatives from all (14) operating areas( in KwaZulu and Mpumalanga)  to ensure that all Grower groupings are represented and all their needs are attended to by the organisation. The Local Operating Committee (LOC) is a structure established by individual growers based in local areas or Zones.

The Mill area Committees (MAC) are Constituted in each Mill area representing each Grower Grouping and Office Bearers of the MAC are elected from the Local Operating Committees. The Regional Operating Committee (REC)is constituted in each region and Regional representatives are elected from the MAC.  Every year the region is required to send delegate to an AGM where members of the Central Executive Committee are elected.  The central executive committee is the highest political structure of the organisation and plays an oversight role in the affairs of the organisation.

The SAFDA Office Bearer Structure Is As Follows:

safda Executive Committee

The executive management and administration of the organisation is vested here:

About Us

As part of its main functions, SAFDA offers economic research and business advisory services, grower training and development, lobbying and advocacy for policies thereby ensuring the sustainability of all its members.

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