Dr. Marilyn Govender


Diversification initiatives for small scale and land reform farmers is fundamental to their future growth and sustainability. In other parts of the world, the full value of sugarcane has been harnessed to produce in addition to sugar and molasse, alternative biobased and bioenergy products.

In the South African sugar industry, downstream beneficiation of the cane has been controlled by the milling companies and their subsidiaries. Different to the conventional participation of the farmers in the sector, SAFDA intends to reposition its farmers to participate in the agro-processing and biorefining value chain, advancing a new era of black producers and industrialists that maximise the beneficiation value of their sugarcane.

It seeks to establish strategic business partnerships, localise technology and invest in new diversification infrastructure to produce primary, tertiary and advanced biobased products (e.g. alcohols and fuels, electricity, chemicals, composites, plastics, packaging, materials etc.).

SAFDA is in pursuit of these new transformative and diversified businesses which will access new markets, increases revenue streams and expand margins for all small scale and land reform farmers.