Grower Capacity Development

SAFDA’s comprehensive capacity enhancement programme refers to enhancement of agronomic, business leadership and management capabilities for all our members. Interventions under this area include tapping into the industry’s Grower Development funding to provide training to black growers.

Grower Financing

Access to development finance is a continuous challenge for farmers. SAFDA is working on establishing a 100% grower owned development funding entity to leverage finance for farmers. Blended finance models are preferred approaches to running the financing scheme.

Bulk Buying, Diversification and Value Chain Participation

SAFDA is working on ensuring full grower participation in the value chain of the sugar business through establishing grower owned companies to embarking on the businesses of bulk procurement of input supplies especially relating to fertilizer, chemicals and implements as well as provision of contracting and cane haulage services. Sustainability of farmers is being underpinned by diversification into cash crops and high value crops other than cane.

Land Reform Support

SAFDA is a credible and dependable facilitator of strategic partnerships between current large scale, land reform, small scale growers and agribusiness. In the present uncertainty with the land reform policy environment, the organisation aims to support and benefit its members on all ends and of all races in the process.